Creating content like this is more complex than it looks.

I know it looks simple, but it's not. Battling with the lighting, angles, and merging personal style into the company's aesthetic can be draining. I question myself about the review, chosen photos, video, etc. On the other hand, I'm a content writer and know how to market products. I can be highly persuasive if I need to be. With my brands, I don't have to sell them as they sell themselves.

These are fan faves with cult status, lol. I hype the fans for the next drop, the following review, giveaways, etc. To do this effectively and…



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Chayla Marie

❤ Hi, I’m Chayla. Writer by day, Kbeauty influencer by night. Step into my world, abuse survivor, VIP model/ and lover of everything kawaii; IG chaylaxmariex❤